Welcome to the Wellness Center

Detox Services for the East End Local Community

There are times when health and wellness are not on the top of our priority list.

At the O2 Wellness Center we believe that now is NOT one of those times!

At the O2 Wellness Center, we specialize in providing detoxification services that help you live your best life, by making regular detox practices affordable and available.

Our Services

Infrared Sauana

Red Light Therapy

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Oxygen Bar

Spinal 'Chi' Alignment

Whole Body Vibration

Membership DEALS

Unlimited Services

Any Detox Service, Anytime


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Unlimited Services Plus

Bring a Friend for Free

Any Detox Service, Anytime, Plus 1
+ Invite a Friend / Family member to join you anytime you book a service
+ 10% off all items at our Organic Cafe


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Unlimited Services Plus Water

Detox Services + Pure Water

Any Detox Service, Anytime
& Free Water Membership
+ Invite a Friend/Family to join you anytime you come
+ 10% off all items at our Organic Cafe


Start the unlimited PLUS & UnLIMITED WATER - $85/month

If you wish, you can also call Feelin O2 Good directly to sign up for your membership over the phone: (631) 381-0918
*$75 Annual Membership Fee applies at start of your membership term

What are the benefits of detox treatments?

* increase energy
* libido boost
* anti-inflammation
* ease of digestion
* eliminate pain
* lightheartedness
* self-confidence
* body acceptance
* weight acceptance
* peace of mind
* spa lifestyle