Riding the Wellness Train:
Why Going Plant Based is the Move

6 Reasons to Begin (or Up) Your Plant-Based Diet

In a world increasingly conscious of health, sustainability, and ethical choices, the adoption of a plant-based lifestyle has surged to the forefront of dietary trends. Whether you’re considering a complete shift to plant-based eating or simply exploring the merits of incorporating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains into your diet, this article will serve as your guide to the vibrant and nourishing world of plant-based living. From the tantalizing flavors of plant-based cuisine to the profound impacts on personal well-being and the environment, prepare to embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of food; it’s a journey that aligns with a global movement towards a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable future.

#1 It’s Good for You, And Good for the Planet

One of the coolest things about going plant based is its eco-friendly vibe. By choosing plant based options, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping Mother Earth breathe a little easier. Sustainability is trendy, and it’s a cause that resonates with the young and eco-conscious.

Actionable Step: Start by incorporating one “Meatless Monday” into your weekly meal plan. On this day, commit to consuming entirely plant-based meals. By doing this, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also get a taste of how sustainable eating can be both delicious and impactful. Over time, you can expand your meatless days to multiple days a week or explore other eco-friendly choices like reducing food waste and supporting local, sustainable food sources. This small change in your routine can make a significant difference in reducing your environmental impact while aligning with the trendy and eco-conscious values of plant-based living.

#2 Welcome to “Foodie Fitness”

Plant based eating isn’t just about withering away while eating only salads; it’s a new way of building up a strong palate of flavors and styles that caters to your inner foodie. Picture this: vibrant bowls filled with quinoa, kale, and colorful veggies, drizzled with creamy tahini dressing. Or how about a fluffy avocado chocolate pudding, sweetened with organic agave and textured with vegan chocolate chips.

So we have to admit, we’re competitive! We actually want everyone walking out of our store thinking, that was the biggest acai bowl I’ve ever had, or are you serious, that veggie wrap is out of this world! Life is a commitment to consistency and a work of art, formed by our every decision.

Actionable Step: Experiment with one new plant-based recipe or dish each week to expand your culinary horizons and embrace the creativity of plant-based cooking. Start by choosing a recipe that piques your interest, gather the ingredients, and have a cooking adventure in your own kitchen. This way, you’ll not only discover the delicious possibilities of plant-based cuisine but also enhance your cooking skills and add exciting flavors to your diet.

Also, Feelin O2 Good is open seven days a week with delivery options available. Whether it’s a colorful smoothie, a cold beet wrap, or a delightful dessert, each “foodie” experience will bring you closer to winning in the game of plant-based eating.


#3 Join The Wellness Revolution

The rise of plant based living isn’t just a dietary trend; it’s a wellness revolution. People are waking up to the fact that what we put into our bodies matters. Plant based eating isn’t about deprivation; it’s about nourishment. It’s about embracing food that fuels your body, mind, and soul.

This lifestyle is about more than just looking good; it’s about feeling great from the inside out, by blessing what is on your plate. A plant based diet can boost energy levels, improve digestion, and even clear up your skin. And it can be a direct line of communication to our ancestors and animal friends.

Actionable Step: Start by thinking of yourself as a plant-based activist. Just as a plant relies on its roots for stability and nourishment, your commitment to a plant-based lifestyle can be your foundation for positive change. Embrace the role of an advocate for the environment, animal welfare, and your own health by choosing plant-based foods over animal products. Every meal becomes an opportunity to make a difference, and every conversation about your choices becomes a chance to inspire others.

#4 Elevate Your Insta-Game

Let’s face it, the plant based lifestyle is incredibly photogenic. Whether it’s a colorful smoothie bowl, a vibrant salad, or a mouthwatering plant based burger, your Instagram feed will thank you. Eating plant-based is a trendy aesthetic that’s both delicious and visually stunning.

Actionable Step: Challenge yourself to create and share one visually appealing and delicious plant based meal on your social media platform of choice each week. This could be a beautifully plated salad, a creatively designed smoothie bowl, or a homemade plant based burger with all the toppings. Use your photography skills or simply have fun arranging your plate to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Remember to tag us @feelino2good

#5 The Ultimate Self-Care Move

Incorporating more plant based foods into your diet is an act of self-care. It’s about choosing foods that love you back, foods that make you feel vibrant and alive. It’s not just a diet; it’s a statement of self-love. Looking to go beyond just dieting shifts? Utilize spa and wellness services to enhance their health game. Check out all seven services offered at Feelin O2 Good.

Actionable Step: Begin your self-care journey by incorporating one plant based meal into your daily diet. Whether it’s a colorful salad, a hearty grain bowl, or a delicious plant based burger, choose foods that are not only nourishing but also align with your values and make you feel vibrant. By doing this regularly, you’ll experience the physical and emotional benefits of plant-based eating, reinforcing the message of self-love through mindful food choices. Additionally, explore spa and wellness services like those offered at Feelin O2 Good to further enhance your holistic well-being and self-care routine.

#6 Join the Movement

So, if you’re looking for a lifestyle that’s not only delicious but also youthful, eco-conscious, and trendy, it’s time to ride the wellness wave. Embrace plant based living, and watch as your taste buds and your Instagram followers alike thank you. It’s more than a diet; it’s a vibrant, flavorful, and fulfilling way of life.

Actionable Step: Foster a culinary identity committed to the cause of sustainable, organic food for all. Craft a menu brimming with vibrant and delectable plant-based meals, each a testament to your dedication to this noble mission. Amplify your impact by sharing your gastronomic creations on social media, wielding influential hashtags like #PlantBasedLife and #WellnessJourney. Through this transformative journey, you not only embody the essence of plant-based living but also ignite a powerful spark of inspiration within others. As time unfolds, you’ll discover the joy of expanding your plant-based days and exploring novel recipes, solidifying this lifestyle as a vivid and fulfilling way of existence—for you and for those who look up to your unwavering commitment to a healthier, more sustainable world.