Organic Food, Delivered to Your Door

We're delighted to announce the launch of our O2 Organics delivery program; organic produce delivered to your door every week.
To get an O2 Box this week, be sure to sign up for the program by 12 noon every Monday to receive your order the following day.  

Investment: $260 per four weeks.

What to Expect?

Weekly organic produce box filled with greens, veggies, fruits, and grains to serve 2 people.

Additionally, you'll be able to add-on store products including:

  • supplements & minerals
  • Sacred Peacock products
  • organic grass-fed beef*
    *pick up only

You'll also receive weekly recipe's via email, so you can have fun trying new, simple recipes with the produce in your box.

How do I order?

Below, you'll see a button to add the O2 Organics Box to the shopping cart.

Then, you'll have an opportunity to add additional products to your box through the shopping portal. 

If you're having obstacles with the shopping portal please call Patricia at the store at (631) 381-0918.

Add-on items CAN ONLY BE purchased with the O2 Organics Box (4 week subscription)

After adding your O2 Organics subscription (O2 Box) to your cart you can select store items which will be added to your first delivery.

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